Kalibo International Airport


Trisha Sebastian with President P-noy Aquino at the Kalibo International Airport


Things to do in Boracay

Trisha Sebastian jet ski in Boracay

Fruit Shake from Jonas

Sipping Mango Banana Fruit Shake from Jona's

1. Sip the famous Jona‘s fruit shake by the beach.

Watching the Sun set in Boracay

Watching the Sun set in Boracay

2. Watch the sunset in Boracay. Enjoy the sun and the sea wind. Enjoy the view. Enjoy the crowd. Enjoy the atmosphere.

Famous Sandcastles of Boracay

Group picture by the famous sand castle of Boracay.

3. Pose by the famous sand castles in Boracay keepsake.

4. Shop in Boracay. Boracay is the place where you can shop with the wide array of choices of swim suits, sarongs and tops that show off your tan.  Shades, native bracelets, and pearls are sold on every sand corner.

Ride a Speed Boat in Boracay

5. Ride a speed boat to tour around the island. in Boracay. You may go to different little swimming pots where you can hike, snorkel, or just walk.

6. Ride a Jet Ski

Ride a Jetski in Boracay

7. Go parasailing.

13. Get a henna tattoo.

14. Get your usually straight hair in braids that’ll shame Bob Marley.

15. Visit and see the dead forests south of the island, next to the fish ponds for some artsy photo ops.

16. Be massaged either by a licensed masseuse or those by the beach whom beachcombers swear are just as qualified.

17. Dance under the stars with friends in any of the Boracay bars and discos.

19. Swim at the White Beach. Boracay have a crystal clear and pristine blue water.  The white beach is safe even for kids because it  has no sudden depths and is gently sloping.  You can walk barefooted on its fine powdery white sand because there are no stones or rocks that can hurt your feet.
Swim at the White Beach of Boracay

20. Hop on an all-terrain vehicle and explore the dunes, there are 2-seater ATVs for rent on the island.